Life Lately #15

one. though my baking game has slowed down a little lately (everyone seems to be on a diet, so who is going to eat all the cake?!) I did make this fun Crunchie double chocolate cake the other week for my sister's 18th.
two. a visit to my hairdressers gave me a chance to play around with wedding hairstyles! My hair needs to be a bit longer but it looks super cute all curly.
three. a shopping trip to Bristol with my lovely best friend Sophie gave me a chance to try Five Guys for the first time; I'm definitely a convert, the burger was amazing!
four. my weekends have been all about hanging out in my PJs lately and relaxing, which is always better when you've has a bit of a tidy first. J is working lots of weekends so we don't tend to have that time together lately.
five. more cake! this coffee and walnut cake was a hit at work, and it's something I definitely need to re-make for another special occasion. Read the recipe here.
six. subtle pastels are my go-to colour for my hair lately, they're so easy to mix and match and fade fast enough that you can change it up pretty much every week. I've also been practising my eyebrow makeup too.
seven. our wedding favours arrived this week from not on the high street; we're trying to be a bit more mindful and eco-friendly with our wedding so we've opted for bubbles over confetti, compostable cups and cutlery and cute little wildflower seeds for our wedding favours!
eight. a shot of where we'll hopefully be getting married in October; we're giving notice in the next few weeks and it's all getting very real. Fingers crossed for no rain clouds on the day.
nine. to get ourselves to actually make real meals instead of something quick we can do when we get in from work, J and I invested in this cute little crock pot. We've made meatballs and bolognese in it so far.


Marc Jacobs Honey

Honey is the latest in my series of Marc Jacobs perfumes, a brand I've had a serious love affair with over the past few years. The scents are always perfect for me; veering on the light side with sweet tones. For me it was a more grown up transition from the Gwen Stefani Harajuku Girls perfumes (who else remembers/still has those?), and with my latest addition, I really haven't been disappointed.

As per usual, the packaging was what drew me to my latest purchase. I love the spots combined with the little 'bee', repuposed from past designs so it still fits in if you happen to have the full series on your dressing table. The scent itself it warmer than I'm used to, making it perfect for summer days; lots of golden toasty type notes including vanilla, apricot and of course honey! 30ml of this perfume will set you back around £39, making it about at the top of mid-range in terms of cost. As you can see, I've already used quite a bit of this and I think when it does run out I'll pick up a bigger bottle as it's now a firm favourite.


Kitschy Camera Bag

I'm in love with my camera. When I'm out and about being able to take my Olympus PEN E-PL6 with me so I can snap as and when I want is definitely a priorty. For the past year I've been using a lovely DSLR bag I got on etsy, but for a micro 4/3 camera it was way too big! So when I saw this gorgeous, kitschy Picnic Basket bag in Accessorize I couldn't resist an unconventional upgrade.

The bag comes with a comfortable cross body pleather/chain strap, and the body itself is rigid and fairly thick; the ideal for a camera bag in my opinion. There's not a huge amount of padding for lenses but I got around that with a quilted Cath Kidston pouch; and to be honest when everything is packed in it's tight enough that nothing bounces around anyway. I typically carry around four lenses plus the one attached to my camera body alongside a couple flashes, and these all fit snugly. Plus, it's a million times nicer than the generic Jessops style black bags that quite honestly look miserable!

L to R: Olympus 15mm F8 Body Cap Lens, / Olympus 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ M Zuiko Lens /  Olympus 45mm F1.8 Zuiko Lens / Olympus 40-150mm f4-5.6 R M Zuiko ED Lens

Accessorize are doing an amazing job with their affordable, novelty bags lately, and I've got my eye on a couple other ones as well! You can pick up this one for £39.00, though I got mine during a 20% off promotion plus student discount. The bag is so well made it's well worth it in my opinion.


Spotty Dotty

I love a bit of pattern with my outfits; anything from bright colours to floral prints and animal zoo prints. Overall though the inner rockabilly in me loves anything and everything polka dot, and it's a timeless style I come back to over and over again - I can't resist anything with little circles on it! I'm all about comfort too, so when it comes to my shoes outside of working hours my preference are Vans or Vans-style flats; something simple to slip on. And of course, you can't beat a bit of confetti style, especially when it comes in rainbow colours! What's your favourite print or pattern?