Japan Candy Box Giveaway

You might recall my review of Japan Candy Box last week when I told you to keep yours eyes peeled? Well, I'm coming back today with a fantastic giveaway for one of my readers - your own Japan Candy Box to try out! It's definitely worth entering in my opinion if only for the cute packaging and the chance to try out something different. I wish lots of luck to everyone who enters ♥

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love, Rai xx

Foxy Flats

fox flats from BA-NA-NA, around £20 with shipping

In my shortlist of favourite animals, foxes are pretty high up there! There's been an influx of fox-themed goodies in the market the past few years, much to my excitement and my purse's dismay. I missed out on the TUK fox flats a couple years back and I've been searching for an alternative ever since. These flats tick all my boxes, are incredibly comfy and super cute. I'm always going to be on the lookout for more animal-themed shoes (like the Marc Jacobs Nuova range, love!) but I may have found my perfect foxy pair. Next up I need a bit of bunny-themed footwear; I've definitely got a close eye on these adorable wellies.

love, Rai xx

Wedding Wednesday: Papersushi Fox Stamp

I love the idea of little personalised bits and pieces for the wedding, like stationary and gift items, especially if we can do them DIY! I found papersushi on Etsy (so this is a joint spotlight post) and J fell in love with her designs; in particular this customisable fox stamp. We opted for just J & H as we're looking at double-barrelling our surnames and that might have looked a little odd, and we added a little heart in there for good measure.

Jen, who owns the store, contacted me within a day of our order to notify us about the issue she's been having with customs lately. We liked the stamp so much that we conceded to the fact we'd have to pay them. To my delight she came back to us saying she had a colleague in the UK who would make it for us at no extra charge and ship it within 2-3 days. She was absolutely wonderful and true to her word, we received the stamp from The English Stamp Company in just a few days. I'd recommend to anyone who is looking for personalised stamps to take a look at her shop as I've never come across a seller so helpful and easy to work with! We paid a total of $48 including shipping for the stamp and we bought a couple ink pads off eBay for a few pounds.

love, Rai xx

Japan Candy Box

I've got the cutest review ever today - I was sent this amazing Japan Candy Box, an all-new subscription service created by the lovely people behind Kawaii Box, that I've reviewed in the past. Whereas their last sub box focuses more on kawaii stationary and gifts, this box is all sweets all the time - not a bad thing at all! The cost of a subscription is around £12 if you opt for 6 months, and you get a jam-packed box with loads of goodies to try.

I especially found this a great service because when I tend to order Japanese sweets, I have no idea what I'll actually like - getting to sample a large variety of them for a low price is super handy so I can then go on and buy more of what I like. J also loved this box as he has a soft spot for pocky/mikado type treats and the added bonus of it being Pokemon themed was definitely a plus! The inclusion of a DIY candy kit is great too, as they tend to cost an absolute fortune to buy over in the UK. I can see us subscribing to this service in the future when we have a bit more spare cash.

 photo P7180190_zpszb32st9n.jpg

love, Rai xx

Benefit Fake Up

My second Duty Free purchase was a bit of a panic buy on the way through Bristol Airport on the realisation that I'd left my concealer on the side at home! I opted for Benefit as the most familiar brand (you can't miss that bright pink stand) and one that doesn't cause me any skin issues as I'd had it tested on me before.

I picked it up at a reduced price but the usual RRP is £18.50. Fairly expensive for a concealer, but in my opinion it offers great coverage and is also super hydrating with a ring of Vitamin E & apple seed extract, which has also been an issue for me with traditional 'crayon' concealers for around the eyes. Overall, I don't generally buy more expensive concealer as I get on well with the cheaper liquid ones so I can't see this being a regular purchase unless the bags under my eyes get worse! A good product but not groundbreaking.

love, Rai xx