How I Spend My Weekend

Since I moved out from home a year ago, I've gotten used to making the most of my weekends solo. When I'm not pottering halfway up the country to visit the boyfriend I tend to use those precious two days as 'me' time and quite enjoy being by myself since I'm quite introverted in personality. Here's what my normal weekend routine includes;

Organising the following week; I'm a worrier and I tend to stress if things come out of the blue, so planning my upcoming week is something I enjoy doing. This 'food planner' is from Paperchase but I use it for everything, and sits right there on my fridge where I can see it at least a couple times a day.

Baking; I'm super into my baking at the moment. I've been practicing cakes, cookies, shortbread, scones... you name it. I'm particularly interested in learning how to do proper swirly cupcake icing and use fondant. I tend to palm all my finished products off to either my family or stick it in the kitchen at work because half the stuff I bake I don't actually really like. I've been using my nook as a kind of recipe book recently and it's got loads of new things to try bookmarked.

 photo 031_zpsfe2c0275.jpg
Cleaning; Not just hoovering and dusting, the weekend is when I do things like sort all my figures, tidy up my makeup and wash my makeup brushes to make sure they're all super clean for the following week's use if I use them at all. As my use is sparse at best (probably one in three days) I think once a week is probably not too much buildup in between washes.

Catching up with Let's Plays; I'm an avid Let's Play watcher, it's my version of the soaps or X Factor! There's about 9-10 different channels I watch all with various series' going on. At the moment I'm catching up on LPs of D4, Dark Souls 2, Bioshock Infinite and my usual Minecraft channels. I tend to have this on in the background whilst I'm doing other things unless it's something I'm really into in which case I settle down with a hot chocolate and glue my eyes to the screen!

Inky Blue

Blue is one of my favourite non-traditional nail colours, so when I spotted this perfect shade in ASDA for just £1 I had to give it a go. The formula is creamy and easy to apply (this was just one coat with usual base/top coats) and so far it's lasted two days of typing, washing up and general wear and tear without a chip. Well worth the 100 pennies I paid for it.

Smock Frock

So, I got all my hair chopped again. If you're a long term follower it's no big surprise, anything longer than chin length and I get antsy and lop it all off again! I tried one of the newer hairdressers in town for this cut and it cost only £10 as opposed to the usual astronomical fee so I'm pretty happy. Whilst in town I also popped into New Look to do a quick refund and ended up walking out with this pretty smock dress in exchange instead. I'm loving the tile print trend at the moment and a cute frock seemed a perfect way to lever it into my wardrobe.

dress: new look / jeans: next / flats: asda / nails: nails inc notting hill carnival

Lush Top Five

Like many bloggers out there, and lots of other ladies I'm sure, I'm a teensy bit of a Lush addict. I'm not a fan of baths so I tend to gravitate towards the facial lotions and potions; I've even manged to convert the boyfriend to using their face spray which for someone who doesn't like 'anything girly' is a pretty big accomplishment! These five products are constant (cash flow withstanding..) repurchases of mine and therefore I felt worthy of their own post beyond the usual haul.

Tea Tree Water has been a firm favourite of mine for the longest time and the first item I always gravitate to in the shop. I find the spray super refreshing in summer and it definitely seems to prevent/help deal with any breakouts. I tend to use this after removing any makeup with the Ultrabland cream cleanser, which is super gentle and great for my skin which is prone to eczema. Both the Dirty Springwash shower gel and the Ocean Salt face and body scrub are every-morning products; I alternate the scrub between body and face every other day and it actually goes a very long way. The shower gel is super refreshing and really helps me wake up, not to mention how amazing it smells. Finally the Celestial moisturiser is incredibly soft and calming on the skin, again great as I'm a little eczema prone and harsh chemicals in face creams only make it worse.

What Lush products do you always rebuy? Give me your recommendations!

Saturday Florals

Phew, can you believe we're halfway through September already? It won't be long until I'm breaking out my winter boots and starting and ending my working weekdays in darkness. Not something I'm super looking forward to, to be honest! I'm not a huge fan of Summer (when it's too hot to even wear converse I have a problem) and Winter can be a little extreme for me too; give me Spring or Autumn any day. These kitty shoes are some of my favourites to wear with jeans as I find they look a little bulky to wear with dresses; that's probably a bit of paranoia on my part but ah well.

 photo 044_zps0c5dd435.jpg photo 062_zps83241ebe.jpg photo 092_zps9588744c.jpg
top: dorothy perkins / jumper: new look / jeans: next / bracelet: gift / kitty shoes: c/o spartoo / nails: essie avenue maintain