The 100 Day Spending Challenge / Update #1

Hello! I can't believe it's time for the first update on this already but to be honest I've been rushed off my feet with my new job and all the days have sort of blended together into one big tired mess, haha. I really love my new role but wow it's tiring and I'm so not used to travelling to work other than hopping in the car for five minutes in minimal traffic.

I started the fortnight with all the best intentions but between stress over finishing my old job and then starting my new one I had a few.. slips. So in the name of accountability here's the entirely unnecessary things I'm purchased over the last two weeks;

£1.49 on tupperware at B&M on 4/10/14
£2.71 on Wildlife Park 3 on Steam on 5/10/14
£13 on a hamper, cupcake cases and more(!) tupperware at B&M on 12/10/14

So a grand total of £17.20 mis-spent this time around, which equates to about £1.22 per day. Considering this is the start of the challenge I'm disappointed I didn't stick to my guns even if it wasn't a huge amount; £20 would cover my electric for those 2 weeks to put that into perspective. Still, it's very handy to see it all written down and see how useless some of the things I buy are. The game still hasn't been played and was bought on a complete whim, and though the tupperware and hamper are being used they weren't strictly needed. My weakness is definitely the weekend when I have time to get out the house and to the shops.

Pretty Lily

Sometimes I forget just how much I love photography! Sure, I tend to take photos for the blog multiple times a week but being creative with a camera really makes me happy. I received these beautiful flowers on Friday, which was my last day working at my current job; on Monday I start my new role, which I'm so excited and incredibly nervous about. Since the flowers started to bloom properly this morning I thought I'd nab some shots whilst it's light outside.

Woodland Wanderings

Hey, it's this dress again! This little smock number has become a firm favourite in my wardrobe. It's comfy and not too tight whilst still being pretty flattering, not to mention the lovely pattern (need more tiled things) and the cool autumn/winter shades. I wore this for a walk in the woods with my family on a warm-ish day, along with my Joe Browns boots which I don't wear nearly enough considering how much I like them and how comfortable they are. I'm hoping they'll get a lot more use as autumn closes in.

dress: new look / leggings: new look tall / boots: joe browns c/o simply be

Shades of Blue

It was only after looking at these photos I realised the sheer amount of blue I had on. Blue dress, mint cardi, blue jeans... A bit of a colour overload if it weren't for the splashes of pink and green in the floral print on my frock. I'm making the most of my flats before it's officially thick-socks-and-warm-boots weather, which I can tell is coming up; I've already had to change over my duvet to thick, cloud-like cold weather one and nights are creeping in faster and faster. These little grey flats are the comfiest but they definitely wouldn't hold up in rainy, wet Autumn.

dress: new look via ebay / jeans: g21 / cardi: c/o matalan / flats: new look sale / nails: barry m rose hip

The 100 Day Spending Challenge

Hi guys! I'm going to be trying out something a little bit different on the blog. I've decided to give a 100 day spending challenge a go, and in order to make myself accountable I'm going to update right here every other week with my progress, whether I did well or not - and also to make myself a little more accountable for my money-based actions. I'm really bad at impulse buying so despite living on a small salary and just about managing to cover my bills I spend a fair bit of money each month on things I really don't need. I think maybe taking a step back and seeing what my situation is like when I don't buy that extra thing on eBay/concealer/comic will help me in the long run. If you want to join in, please feel free and feel free to swipe the banner too, just please let me know! Here are the rules I'll be following;

one. For 100 days I will do my best to not spend any money on anything I don't need for myself. This does not include necessities like gifts, meals out with other etc. but does include cosmetics, hair products, homeware and takeaways.

two. This does not include necessities like gifts, meals out with others etc. but does include cosmetics, hair products, homeware and takeaways on my own.

three. Every other week I will photograph (most likely through instagram) and post about any unnecessary spending I've done and what I got, in order to be held accountable!

four. Since I began my challenge on Saturday, 4th October 2014 the last day will be January 12th, 2015; at which point I'll do a big roundup post with my thoughts on the project and how well I did.

As I mentioned above, if you fancy joining in (I know money can be stretched a bit over the holidays), please feel free to nab my banner or make your own. I'd love to read your posts so please pass on a link if you decide to give it a go.