Bank Holiday Casual

I wore this outfit for our excursion around Dyrham Park the other day - comfy and casual was definitely the key aim as I expected a lot of walking (two hours plus in the end), and as a bonus apparently wearing a hoodie and colourful converse still makes me look young enough to get in on the family ticket (which is for under 16s? should I be happy or insulted?!). I'd dyed my hair the same morning hence why it's eyewateringly bright, not to mention the nice bouts of sunshine we had throughout the day - it was almost sandals weather when the sun wasn't hiding behind the clouds, if you'd believe that. And yes, I am that pale. I must be part vampire or albino or something, I glow pure white in the sunlight ;) I'm loving hints of blue in my outfits at the moment, cyan shoes and aqua accessories work well with my red hair and a bit of contrast is always welcome.

hoodie: c/o FreestyleXtreme / jeans: new look / tank top: new look / tank top: disturbia via blue banana / converse: gift / sunglasses: ?

Dyrham Park

On the Friday bank holiday I went with my family to visit Dyrham Park, a 17th-century mansion and gardens/deer park up near Bath. Despite the place being very busy with families and small children we managed to get around both the beautiful house and the grounds, and even wound up finding the fallow deer that live there. I got a bit snap-happy with so many pretty things to photograph, so this post is a bit image-heavy! I love getting to rediscover my camera in new locations and with new subjects. I'd really love a telephoto lens so I could have gotten some more detailed photos of the deer though, as they got jumpy if I got any closer than we did.

Smile Brilliant Review

I've never been a massive fan of my teeth. They're sort of funny shaped, I've had to have a retainer and braces and even though they're in 'very good condition' according to my dentist they are 'naturally yellowish'. Ugh. So when I was offered the Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening kit to review (RRP $39.99) I decided to give it a go and see if it made any difference. As you can see from the before/after photo there's definitely a bit of a difference in my teeth colour (please excuse the giant closeups!) but as the product describes it's designed to rid your teeth of stains which I don't have many of; I don't drink coffee, cola or smoke and use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. Using the product was really easy though, great if you've got a couple spare hours to just swipe the pen across your teeth, slip the guard in and stick the light in your mouth. Perfect if you're spending your evening blogging or on the sofa watching TV.

Varsity Pink

This was just a quick casual outfit for a Saturday morning - the boyfriend is visiting from Uni so we just ended up mooching around town before coming home and watching JonTron videos on YouTube; sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! These jeans were picked up as part of my haul at Westfield London, they're super comfy but I could maybe have done with a size down. Combined with a varsity style cardigan, neppy grey shirt and converse I'm not quite hoodie-and-canvas-flats dressed down but comfy nonetheless.

top: h&m / cardi: h&m / jeans: river island / bag: superdry c/o spartoo / shoes: converse

Westfield London Haul and Review

Recently I was invited to go spend a day at one of the Westfield shopping centres in the London area, taking advantage of the shops and restaurants. The Westfield centre I chose to go to was Westfield London, mostly because it's closest to me. I opted to drive (dragging the boyfriend along with me) and despite having a slight panic about driving in London which is something I've never done before we got there pretty easily. The actual shopping centre is huge and very pretty in comparison to the local ones I'm used to with a huge selection of shops including 'The Village', which includes luxury fashion brands I didn't even get close to for fear of looking too scruffy. I stuck to the more high street style shops like River Island, Urban Outfitters and Topshop (all of which were massive) as well as a couple more uncommon shops like Uniqlo and American Apparel. We ended the day with a visit to Nando's which made the boyfriend a lot happier after a full day of shopping!

Since there was such a massive selection of shops I had real trouble picking what I wanted to buy, other than a new pair of jeans which I really really needed but as as per usual I was tempted into H&M; besides Primark it's my favourite place for quick-and-easy fashion so I grabbed a few bits and pieces that will be great bases for future outfits. The American Apparel socks I've wanted forever and I had to grab them when I spotted them, and Boux Avenue is normally a bit of a pain to get to back home so it was well worth nipping in to get measured and get a new bra. I even grabbed the chance to do a quick outfit post in their lovely changing rooms. All the shop staff were polite and friendly despite by midday the centre being pretty busy and in particular the staff as Boux Avenue were really really helpful. I would definitely go back again if I fancied another shopping trip, though at a five hour plus round trip by car it was pretty tiring.

dress: asos / jeans: river island / shoes: rocket dog c/o spartoo / bag: superdry

Back In Broderie

Yet another outfit post of something I haven't been able to fit into in a fair while; I guess I'm getting back into remixing some of older clothes. Last time I wore this dress was back here in 2011(!) so it's survived a few wardrobe culls in its time. Rediscovery seems to be the theme today because not only did I drag out this old dress, this cardi hasn't been worn in at least that long and I forgot I even owned these shoes. I love a good pastel combo so coral x seafoam makes me very happy.

dress: new look via ebay (old) / cardi: new look via ebay (old) / jeans: new look tall / shoes: c/o soyoushoes

Daisyfields and Sunshine

As Sunday was Mother's Day, I spent the day with my family for the first time in a while. After giving my mum the remainder of her presents we went and sat out on the fields near my parent's house with the dogs - who love sunny weather as you can tell! These pictures are all off of my instagram, the link to which is in my signature below if you fancy giving me a follow;

1. a butterfly sunning itself / 2. charlie and stanley enjoying the fresh grass
3. charlie being a squirmy git / 4. family (mum and sister's blogs)
5. squinty sunshine selfie / 6. charlie nomming with his new daisychain necklace

Sunday Sunshine

It seems we've skipped spring altogether and landed in early summer this weekend! Maybe not the most exciting OOTD here, but I've been faffing round the flat in similar to this all weekend. The first time I wore these jeans they barely did up (and I gained about 2 stone after that!), but now they're one their way to the too big/charity shop pile so I'm more than a little happy about that ;)

jeans: c/o curvissa / tank top: new look sale / shoes: rocket dog c/o spartoo / nail: barry m gelly

Loot Crate Unboxing #1

The postman knocked on my door bright and early this morning with this little package for me! This little box stuffed full of geeky goodies is called a Loot Crate and is like the much more nerdy version of those beauty boxes that were so popular a little while ago. Myself and the boyfriend decided to go halves on each box (it only works out at like £9 each including shipping from the US) because we have such divergent tastes when it comes to our geekdoms. It's worked out quite nicely for him this time; the March box is 'Titan' themed, so heavy on Attack on Titan and Titanfall goodies neither of which I'm that into. In the past though the boxes have had Adventure Time, Star Wars, DC... all things I'm very much into, so I'm crossing my fingers for something more along those lines next month. You can grab your own Loot Crate here, and I'll be posting about mine each month as it arrives.

 photo 036_zps6891f76d.jpg

S/S Want List with Westfield London

In a couple weeks' time I'll be taking poor little Wheatley all the way to London as I was kindly invited to go have a day at the Westfield there. I'm a little nervous about the drive (motorways! busy roads! tiny smart car!), but overall I'm excited about going somewhere different and for the expressed purpose of shopping, something I haven't done in quite a while. Here are the key S/S pieces from New Look, River Island and Topshop (all of whom have stores at Westfield London) - I'm particularly loving the excess of gingham and floaty, swingy tops - I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled for on my trip (and keep posted for a haul/review post next month.)