It is absolutely freezing outside today; It makes me wish I had more warm winters clothes or that I was thin enough to layer up! More than two layers always makes me look bulky, but it is seriously cold, and it was just as bad yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, I went up to street with the BF and his parents, primarily to look for a bag for BF's Christmas present but I ended up trying on some (admittedly really nice) Wellies that were then bought for me, though I'm not sure for birthday or xmas. I got myself two nice tops from New Look in the sale (about £3 each!), one of the BFs xmas presents and a calendar for next year that came with a free diary; it is of Mucha paintings, who is just about my favourite artist ever.

George @ Asda: Cute

Knitted dress: £16

Skinny Jeans: £16

Quilted Flats: £8

Hello Kitty PJs: £12


I have applied to 5 Universities to do Psychology and Counselling; Gloucestershire, Newport, Northampton, Staffordshire and Swansea. So far, I've gotten unconditional responses from Gloucestershire, Staffordshire and Northampton and an interview date for Newport on the 9th of December, which I'm a little worried about. I'm also waiting a little anxiously for Swansea to reply as it is one of my top choices, so I'm hoping for another unconditional. The BF hasn't gotten any Uni responses yet, but I'm hoping he'll get some soon. I'm a little worried that I'm going to get all my replies before he gets any (as I already have 3 A-levels with grades BBC and am predicted an A in A2 Psychology, and he is still completing all of his A-levels.) and that it will be on my shoulders to choose where I go, without having any idea whether or not he will get into the place I choose. If that happens I'm considering just going for Newport, as it's near home and wherever the BF goes it's in the middle, really, though I think if he gets in everywhere he's considering Staffordshire as his top choice, which still leaves us 4 hours apart by car.

Priceless Shoes: Cute

Odeon Court Shoe: £20
Military Boot: £35
Flower Print Pump: £4

Fashion Inspiration

Lately I've been checking out my Fashion-based blog list for inspiration in my own wardrobe. Here are some of my favourites:

Mustard and Khaki are awesome together, as shown by Kasmira.

Wear belts and waist cinchers with (almost) everything, as demonstrated by Second Skin.

Cutesy dresses with cardigans and cowboy boots, as shown by Janitors over on Fruits (livejournal)


Last night I went to see Giselle with the boyfriend's family in Bristol. It was really good, better than I thought it would be, though the plot was hard to follow at certain points. During the second act one of the dancers fell over in the middle of doing this complex jump-and-spin move and the whole audience gave this horrible intake of breath. But she carried on dancing.