Outfit: Short Shorts

This outfit is for packing and going on a ferry to France! This will be my last post for the week, as there is no internet where I'm going :c

Cardigan: Topshop, £25
Top: New Look, £6
Shorts: New Look, £20
Tights: New Look, £4

Outfit: Shopping

Today's outfit is for braving the sales in Town. The main focus is my necklace; it's super-cute and has bells that jingle when I walk!

Grey Top: Superdry, £25
Stripy Top: Gap, £?
Jeans: ASDA, £12
Necklace: Ji Ji Kiki, £?

Gift Collage!

Outfit: Christmas Dress

This outfit is for going round the BFs, followed by xmas lunch at my nan's in Wales :3

Cardi: ebay, £5
Necklace: Ji Ji Kiki, £?
Brooch: Accessorize, £?
Dress: ASDA, £15
Tights: Matalan, £3

(anti) Thinspiration

Today I read an article about the American 'plus sized' supermodel, Crystal Renn, which was on about this series of photos she did in which she was photographed next to a normal supermodel in the same clothes. It was amazing how much better she looked than the other girl and it made me think. I'm always moaning about how I want to be thin with a flat stomach etc. but she is a size 14/16, same as me and she is gorgeous.

Most Awesome Video Ever

Outfit: Hairdressers

I wore this to the hairdressers for comfyness purposes.

Top: TK Maxx, £?
Cardigan: Topshop, £?
Jeans: ASDA, £10

New Hair

Outfit: Winter Florals

Cute summer patterns for a boring wintery day.

Top: New Look, £5
Vest: Matalan, £3
Jeans: ASDA, £10

Katy Perry Madness

Call me bland, a sheep or whatever, but I am so in love with Katy Perry. She has this cute zany fashion that I would love to imitate; like a 1950s Lily Allen on acid. Play.com have some cute tee-shirts of her brand. Also, I like her music. Don't judge me. Shame about her taste in men though.

Accessories Parade: New Look

Outfit: Snow Day

Today's outfit is for going out, braving the snow! This jumper-dress feels christmassy to me :3

Jumper-Dress: New Look, £25 Jeggings: Primark, £8

Snow and Assassins

No outfit pictures today, as I spent the whole day and last night round the BFs. It snowed last night as well; not much really but it's stuck to the ground all day and it's pretty slippery out there. The BF called in off work because he didn't really want to drive in and we spent the day playing the Xbox, eating toast and watching Futurama.

^ This is Maggie, one of the BF's cats. She is super-cute and has dainty little paws.

Outfit: New Jeans

Just a comfy, everyday outfit with my new jeans. I'm not too sure about this, it makes me look a bit chunky.

Top: TU at Sainsburys, £?
Vest: New Look, £4
Jeans: ASDA, £16

Lemon Demon

My current favourite band is Lemon Demon. They're a band I discovered years and years ago online, but I've only started listening again recently. The songs are so upbeat and cheerful, it's hard not to fall in love with them. They can always cheer me up. :3


I went into town today and made a couple of purchases (bad of me, I know,) and amidst the hideous stiletto heels and imitation ugg boots in a discount shoe shop I found these beauties :D

I also got some nice slouchy jeans from ASDA.

Outfit: Zombie Disposal

I got my new shirt in the post today! It's a little tighter than I'm used to, but it's actually very comfy and long enough.

Tee Shirt: Play.com, £15
Jeans: ASDA, £10

Schuh: Cute

Outfit: Splicer no Splicing!

This was for Rag Day! I dressed as a Splicer with the BF, my best friend, her boyfriend and our other friend. It was fun!

Mask: Garden Center
Dress: eBay
Tights: Matalan


Outfit: Party Times

This picture isn't a full-body shot, because none of the full body shots were all that flattering, really. Ah well. Wore this to my dad's work do.

Dress: Criminal Damage

Goth Boots

Though generally I'm into cutesy retro things, I have a special place in my heart for Gothic fashion, in particular shoes! Here are some of the nicest I've found:

Outfit: Girly

Something simple and girly today, it was too hot in the house so no cardigan or anything either. My tattoo is healing well now.

Top: New Look, £4
Jeans: Next, £?

What's In My Makeup Bag?

Inspired by Tieka of Selective Potential, I thought I'd do a mini post of what I wear on my face :3

From left-right:
  • Pinking of You Floral Affair Blusher, Revlon
  • Neutral Pressed Powder, Natural Collection
  • Gold and Green Shimmer Eye and Lip Crayon, Barry M
  • Pale Concealer, Natural Collection
  • Eye Liners White and Black, NYC
  • Dazzle Dust 10 Different Colours, Barry M
  • Retro Red Lipstick, Rimmel
  • Age Rewind Foundation Ivory, No7
  • Big Fatty Waterproof Black Mascara, Urban Decay


I phoned up Newport, and apparently all I need to do is send them my A-Levels then I'm sorted, and their reply is bumped up to Unconditional :D


This is the last thing I'm going to buy for ages. Promise. Well, until after Xmas. £25 New Look voucher, anyone? :D

£15 from Play.com

University Stuff

I got a reply back from Newport, which to my surprise was Conditional (which sounds a bit pompous, but the lecturer pretty much assured me a space) but when I looked up the requirements it was that I should provide proof of my grades. Um, what? I thought that's what I did when I lugged all 20-odd of my certificates, right down to Communications, up to Wales so the women who sat opposite me could jot down what I had, which she did. But on further scrutiny the original interview letter said I need my certificates to be scanned, so maybe that's the reason for the conditional. I had a bit of a shock when I saw the C-word, let me tell you.

Outfit: Gingham Cute

I love this dress! It's a really flattering shape, but it's strapless and I have no strapless bras so I have to cover up my shoulders with a cardigan.

Dress: Criminal Damage, £35
Cardigan: TK Maxx, £?
Tights: Matalan, £3
Owl Necklace: Past Time, £?


I'm going to the Doctors today because of my scabby skin, then off to college for Psychology, of which I have missed 8 hours. I am so behind.


I currently own 3 pairs of jeans, one of which I have to stretch so they are long enough for me and are also too big, which pretty much leaves me with 2 pairs of jeans, sharing a week between them. I am not the neatest person, so it is not the nicest thing discovering a patch of melted chocolate dropped down them on day 1 on day 4. Here are some jeans I'm considering:

Grey Skinny Jeans: Next, £28

Outfit: Roses

Something comfy but cutesy today. I love this jumper because it's baggy and comfy but not too 80s.

Grey Top: Superdry, £25(?)
Rose Jumper: New Look, £25
Jeans: ASDA, £10
Slippers: Matalan


Right now I'm really into Bioshock. As I've said previously I'm dressing up as a Splicer for Rag Day but I've also played (well, helped) the game through a couple times with my BF. Though at first glance it seems a very bland, generic violent game it's the story, rather than the gameplay, that makes it. I've always been interested in the 1920s-50s and Rapture, the city in Bioshock, has all these elements and more. My favourite part of it is the audio logs - I would go through and listen to the over and over again, the storytelling and voice acting is so good. I'm really looking forward to Bioshock 2 coming out, and there have been whispers about a film being made in the near future. I've been going through the Bioshock and Cult of Rapture websites looking at the screenshots and videos.

Peacocks: Cute

The Shorts-and-Tights Combination

In the past I've always been very against the shorts-and-tights trend. However, recently on other people's blogs I've noticed them worn as parts of very cute (and enviable) outfits and I've decided to re-evaluate my opinion. Short shorts with bare legs/tights with which you can see the top 'line' are still a no-no. However, cute shorts with thick woolly tights and boots are a yes.

Topshop, £28

Next, £28

New Look, £20

Outfit: Meow

I wore something bright today because I felt a bit down about my (really gross and peeling) face. This outfit is also really comfy, good for lounging about in and doing nothing :3

Top: TK Maxx, £?
Jeans: ASDA, £10-ish
Slippers: Matalan, £3


so cute and kitsch! and only £5 on ebay.