Outfit: Cold Spring

This photo was taken when me, my dad and sister went to a park near our house so my sister could go in the playground and play football. It was really sunny but quite chilly too, it felt quite spring-ish. To be honest, today hasn't been all that great. We took the dogs for a walk and they were attacked by another jack russell, completely unprovoked. Luckily neither were hurt but they could have been, the dog owners were completely useless and basically wouldn't take responsibility for the fact the dog should be on a lead. But the dogs are ok (though one of them is pretty sore where the other dog got his back and held on) so that's something. It's very unusual for me to do a full body-shot but we were out-and-about and this one ended up quite good, most I do on a self-timer in my kitchen.

coat: next
gloves: asda
skirt/dress: new look
jumper: topshop
leggings: peacocks
boots: next


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