Going Away ♥

No outfit posts today, because this morning is going to be spent cleaning the house (so trashy old stuff) and then I'm off 'round the BF's for two or so days, and I'll be doing baking! I'll try and get pictures of the stuff I make (if it were up to the BF 100 peanut butter cookies) but it'll be a bit rubbishy quality either on my phone or the BF's iphone :3


  1. i love the flaming lips!pink robots!!!!LOVE IT!!!
    and im quite into reel big fish, actually 'beer' is on pretty much every playlist i make!thanks for the ideas chick!
    im going to post your dress to tomorow, ive got another i wndered if you might want?its more wintery, its a shirt dress, blue checked, and gathered at the waist? im having sch a sort out before i move lol! let me know if you want it, or i might just chuck it in anyway:)

  2. I'd love to have it, thanks! :3 you are a vair nice person. xx


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