Lookville Review

If you read my last post about Lookville it's this new site I was asked to give feedback on for the beta. After trying it out for a couple days I noticed a few things:
  • The whole site needs a 'if you have nothing nice to say...' policy, since most of the comments I got were along the lines 'unflattering' and 'you look crap', and nothing constructive, so basically just snark and insults.
  • It's dominated by samey-samey fashion girls. I LOVE fashion blogs but these are the kind of girls who only wear the latest trends and if I post anything kawaii/goth/retro I feel really out-of-place and end up with more snark, as per point one.
  • Stupid little quirks like 'post a question' and HAVING to add tags kind of ruin it for me. I'm happy with straightforward websites and the post a question thing makes me feel I have to validate what I wear from a complete stranger by asking 'do i look nice?' or 'do my shoes go?'. I've already though of this extensively before going out in the outfit so I don't need these opinions. Also, any small images are blown up so they're all blurry and incomprehensible.

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  1. This review was a big help to me because I also got an invite and my blog is all about cake. I'm a baker. I couldn't figure out the connection between fashion and food (except that most people in fashion don't eat food - especially fattening things like cake).
    So thank you!


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