I was contact by Lookville.com to take part in their beta testing of the Lookville website, and give feedback! Very exciting, first thing of the sort that's ever happened to me. It's a pretty nice site, similar to Lookbook (which I used once then got bored with it) and personally I can only keep track of updating one thing at a time anyway so I probably wouldn't use it though. My only complaint is they make all images to a default size that you upload meaning smaller size images come out big and blurry! You can only get on there by invitation right now, but here's a screencap of what it looks like;

I also have 5 invites to give to friends so if you want to try it out click here.

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say thank you for the invite!

    I've followed your blog for a while, and I've started following you on Lookville too :]

    Kim x



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