Outfit Post: Bows and Stripes

I got this dress through from eBay today and couldn't resist putting it on straight away. It's a lovely pattern and the bow is super-cute (as well as not being too low cut) even if the fabric is a bit stiff-feeling, but I think I'll get used to it. These jeans are lovely and long too, I got them in the sale in the 'tall' section for only £15 and they're super skinny and very stretchy so fit well.

dress: new look via ebay
cardi: tk maxx
jeans: dorothy perkins
hairclip: sainsburys


  1. nice dress:)
    always a winner if it got a bow!

  2. Oh don't worry, I get plenty stuck on leggings too. I have a lot of dresses that probably COULD be worn without them... but they're right on the border of being a little too short for my preferences, so I usually opt in on leggings.

    And thank you for the hair compliment :-)

    <3 Alex

  3. hey love, sure you can have the dress:) dont worry about postage, it wont be much, send me an email -vkbaker@hotmail.co.uk with where to send it, and il stick it in the post for you:)
    peachy! hehe ha i LOVE irregular choice shoes, ive got the ones on the left in your post, they are the best things ever!

  4. oh and ps, the strippy shoes are super comfy!they had them in blue too, took me AGES to decide!


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