Outfit Post: Italian Restaurant

Tonight I'm going out with the BF's family to celebrate his mum's birthday to an Italian Restaurant. Obviously later on I'll put on make-up, do my hair etc. etc. but it's hot today so it'd melt by the evening. Also, ignore the big black thing that looks like it's trying to attack the camera, it's a hat. I'm trying to find different places to take my photos from and this is the shelf just above my clothes rail, therefore attack of the cloche! I really love this dress, I got it in the sale and when I got it home realised it was maternity. I don't think it looks it though..

dress: topshop
cardi: new look
leggings: primark
bracelets: present


  1. nice dress chick!i like that, i love that style at the mo:)

    x yay i can comment on your blog now!

  2. i just read your lookville post...AGREE!
    I got asked to test it out and offer feedback too.I'm not going to bother using it anymore, heck if i need insulting, il just, i dunno, ask for it lol. Like you say, I love fashion blogs, but its the quirky ones i look for, and not just the SAME OLD THING, which is just boring after a while. anyhow, i love your look, and take no notice of people that have nowt better to do than bitch online!
    eek!sorry for the super long ranty comment!silly lookville!

  3. I thought it'd be a nice little community if it was fashiony-bloggers like us but they're all a bit pretentious, and act like bright colours offend them! strictly black skinnies and white tank tops with super high heels |:


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