WANT: Summer Picnic Dresses

Couldn't you imagine wearing these dresses when it's all warm in the summer eating cupcakes in the park? I could, but maybe that's just me! One day when I'm rich (ha) I'll have a special wardrobe section for picnic-ing dresses :3

[peacocks, matalan, dorothy perkins, asda, miss selfridge]


  1. i like the one in the middle best.ha the trouble with my wardrobe is that it literally consiss of dresses you'd go for picnics in the park in!becomes highly impractical in winter, but i have this totl mental block about buying anything NORMAL these days.i dont even own a pair of jeans anymore!

  2. See, in winter I put on thick leggings AND tights under my dresses, knee length boots and jumpers on top :3 I can't give them up for wintery weather either! I own one pair of jeans that are super-skinny and I only wear them under dresses x

  3. aww dang. I want the one on the far right!


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