5 Things About Me

I've noticed these 'things about me' posts floating their way on a meme cloud (apparently pronounced meem not mimi which makes me kind of sad) through the blogger stratosphere so I thought I'd do one. I apologise if mine doesn't have as much depth as other peoples, I'm a little boring and ordinary I guess...

1♥ I am seriously bad with people. I can hold a normal conversation and all but I don't get much out of it, I'd much prefer to hide in my room and be antisocial never talk to anyone other than the BF ever. I have maybe two proper friends in real life (who I talk to/see on a monthly basis right now) and a dozen or so people I know-ish.

2♥ I want to go back to how I was when the BF and I started going out, I lived in jeans, gamer teeshirts and a black 'game over' hoodie, proper geek chic. I love being girly and wearing dresses but sometimes I feel this pressure to look nice all the time that I didn't used to. I don't play enough videogames anymore or spend money on geeky things.

3♥ I don't eat fruit or vegetables. Really unhealthy of me, I know. I have onion in some things and I like potato but I eat an apple maybe once a month and have orange juice sometimes but that's it. I know this is unhealthy and I want to eat better but they just ick me out.

4♥ I have had three boyfriends in my life, one for three years, one for a month and I've been with the BF two years or so. I don't think I'd ever be very good at short-term relationships (not that I'm not super happy and in love with my BF ♥)

5♥ I don't think I'm great at anything. I'm good at writing but I procrastinate, I'm OK at learning stuff, I'm average at arty things and I'm sort of good at HTML. I don't think there's anything in my life I'd say I have a talent in.


  1. i dont think your ordinary-i think your great.

    i think you have to remeber that you have to be happy with yourself-and if that means jeans and tshirts, and gaming, and all the rest-well so be it!you are you-and thatsd what makes you happy.I know what you mean about the pressure thing-i stress so much just getting dressed in the morn haha.Theres nothing wrong with liking clothes and pretty stuff-but theresonthing wrong with liking other stuff either.

    do what makes you hsppy.I dress likea weirdo half the time-cos that makes me happy.and clearly, i have body image issues.but i do know that you just have to be YOU.

    youd be surprised how may people eat very similary to you:)if its something that worries you-try smoothies(yummy, and you dont really notice so much whats in them). Veg grwos on you the more you eat it.whatever you do though, dont let what you eat become an issue-its just not worth it.

    and i think your pretty cool:)

    im gonna shut up now hahaha

    xx <3 hahahah word verifucation is 'piddle'!!

  2. :3 I love your comments, they are so full of lovely randomness. I once got a word veri that said 'poopa' XD x


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