A Day in the Life...

I don't post much about my life, so consider this an experiment! If it bores too many people I won't again but if you guys are interested I might a bit more. Yesterday night I stayed 'round the BF's (who shall henceforth be known by his true name of Edd) because today we went to a big family-and-friends Barbecue for Edd's eldest sister, who is moving to Gibraltar with her boyfriend to be nearer their Dad (Edd and his two sisters). It was gorgeous sunny weather and Edd's parents, other sister and boyfriend, Aunts, Grandparents and Cousin came with us. His cousin, Alfie, is a toddler and really adorable, Edd and I spent most of our time playing with him, he has the best laugh ever. Edd's sister's boyfriend's family were a bit snooty and basically look down their noses at anyone not rich like them, so therefore didn't talk to us and are all rude and chain-smokers. But apart from that it was pretty nice, really. Didn't even get sunburnt, and though I did have to be sociable I didn't have a complete nervous breakdown and I got to eat an awesome burger. Also, got a phone call on Thursday and I was turned down for the Animal job :c Boo.


  1. i like these sort of posts! x

  2. i like them too, glad you had a great day :) and boo to the snooty chain smokers. boo to them.

  3. Snooty people, oh I could go on and on about my strong dislike towards them for hours! :D
    A pic of Edd would be much appreciated :P

  4. There's a pic of us on this post here: http://blarglefargle.blogspot.com/2010/06/golden-tape-media-awards.html x

  5. I liked reading this, this is my second time on my blog so it's nice to get to know a little bit about you. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way.


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