Five of the Cutest Spring/Summer Coats

As most people from the UK know, festival season is upon us and this means, more likely than not, it will rain buckets - though this year seems to be an anomaly. The shops are preparing themselves for the showers with some practical yet at the same time cute waterproof parkas. I tried one on in internacionale that I adored, but unfortunately they don't do a proper website. Sigh. So aside from that coat here are my top 5 raincoats for the summer;
[g21 at asda, criminal damage, new look, miss selfridge, topshop]


  1. I wouldn't argue that the books or the movies are any good, because they aren't, but I still like them. :)

  2. hmn like the criminal damage and polka dots best!
    im lacking blog inspriration of late...need ideas of what to post lol

  3. how cute!!! the second coat is just so so so adorable! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. i was nearly going to get the criminal damage one its so pretty
    but i wasn't sure if pink would suit me

  5. Thanks for sharing!! Those are soooo cute!!!


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