Five of the Loveliest Peacocks Dresses

I adore peacocks, though the shop near me is a little grubby and their underwear is a bit dodgy. Recently they've started doing lovely dresses (though the price has risen to nearly the same as new look) and here's five of the website I have to work hard to resist;


  1. oo you always pick the nicest dresses, i lo0ve these. I noticed the price rise too


  2. Yet again, I want each and every one of these dresses!

  3. wow, soo pretty! turquoise/peacock/teal ish blues are my favorites. :)

  4. Hey lady! I think your blog is fantastic. I'm giving you a blog award. You can find it here:

    Thera Joyce

  5. The blue polkadot one is heaven!!!!


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