Ice Cream Pastels

According to a very reliable source (Gok's Fashion Fix, who else?) Ice Cream pastels are going to be an 'in' for this summer, which I am very much looking forward to. Who doesn't adore pretty candyfloss and mint shade summer dresses and 1950's inspirations? Anyway, here's my pick from the websites of cute creamy shades:

[necklace: heidi seeker, sunnies: dorothy perkins, dress: topshop, heels: asos, shorts: miss selfridge]


  1. I really really love your blog. you inspire me tp wear more dresses :) I'm gonna put your button my page!


  2. I have those sunglasses hehe :) I'm totally obsessed with anything mint at the moment...pastels make me very, very happy haha :)

    Love your blog too! found it via the pink haired princess :)


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