Indie Cutie: Love Hearts and Crosses

I'm into jewellery again at the moment, and Love Hearts and Crosses is one of the cutie sites I stumbled on from someone's blog a while back. Can you tell I'm loving bronze and gold tones at the moment? Gorgeous shades for summer ♥


  1. I always look forward to your posts :) I dont care if this is your third award, you totally deserve it :D

  2. hey chicks how you doing?

    nice one with the tickets!
    im sooo into jewellery now also, i never used to like anything gold, but its really growing on me-especially when its all soo super cute!im really loving topshop jewellery right now-look at their sale online, theres some super cute stuff:)

    i love your blog too lol

  3. thanks for the letter:)

    sooo cute!
    <3 xxx

  4. i totally gave you an award too :)


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