Internet Thrift: A Guide To Shopping on eBay

I very frequently buy clothes on eBay, and especially dresses since there are lots of lovely ones to be found that were stuck in the back of someone's wardrobe for years without ever being worn, or worn once and never fitted again. This means you can quite easily find clothes that you will probably never see anyone wearing since the shop no longer stock it and people normally don't keep clothes that long when they're worn often! However, eBay isn't foolproof and from my experience here is a couple things to look out for:
  • Set yourself a budget. Sure, that 1950's style dress is really nice but what if you pay £20 for it, get it and find it doesn't fit? Unless you're SURE it'll fit you (for example the eBayer provides exact measurements or it's oversize) don't get caught up in a bidding war for something you might never, ever wear because it hangs off you/won't do up.
  • Don't buy something without a picture. If something is described as 'rare topshop dress' but there is no picture don't assume the person has no camera and bid judging on description. Often you'll end up with a hideous 90's polyester sack that may be from topshop but definitely isn't trendy.
  • New without tags doesn't always meant new without tags. Sometimes people consider wearing something once as it being new. Meaning the hem might be unravelling, it might have pit stains and it might be stretched. Bid with caution and study images carefully. If the image if off a shop website or other eBayer's photos then leave it.
  • Check their feedback. Most eBayers are quite nice and since humans have a perpetual need to be praised they will do most anything for positive feedback. However, there's the occasional arse who is happy to let their reputation slide by accepting your £15 and not sending your item. eBay does all it can to resolve these situations but merely banning them doesn't get your money back.
I hope my little guide was helpful. Happy eBaying, everyone!


  1. Hey there, just found your blog through Vics and I love it! These tips are all so true too.


  2. Ebay kind of scares me a little partly because of some of the things you have mentioned (but your kind words have made me feel much better about it now) and that I would get a little too addicted to it!

  3. This is a really interesting article!

    I love ebay and have got some bargains.. but some things I have got have been AWFUL! now I am a lot more cautious though, by making sure things fit for sure!


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