A Little Bit Formal

The other day I went to the Golden Tape Awards at the BF's college, which is a little bit of fun where everyone dresses up glam in suits and posh dresses. I got to the day before the awards and realised my whole wardrobe basically consists of cotton dress and the dress I won off eBay wasn't going to come in time! In the end I went with a cute black dress from Peacocks but it still didn't feel formal enough. So if I had the ability of time travel these dresses are what I might have picked instead (unless you can't tell I'm loving the prom style dress right now!);
[topshop, new look, miss selfridge, matalan, peacocks]


  1. Wow! You find some of the most gorgeous dresses! The 2nd, 4th & 5th are my favourite!!

  2. Those dresses are really cute, especially the heart printed one. But I'm sure you looked fine and beautfiul in the black one you wore...when in doubt, black is alwasy a perfect choice. Especially at formal type occasions, an LBD is never a wrong choice.

  3. haha, I'm sure it looked fine until my white-haired jack russells climbed all over me! Nothing like dog hair to set off an outfit :3


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