Outfit Post: B'dazzled Blue

More crayola colours! I don't know how long I can keep this up but it'll be fun to try! I felt like dressing up today, we may be going out for a meal for my dad but nothing's certain yet. It was just a makeup kind of day, and I only have them about 3 times a month! I may wear dresses and love girly things but makeup's never been my forté. Ah well. If you can see on my chest I'm sunburnt. We walked the dogs yesterday and it was a bit overcast so I didn't bother with suncream... big mistake! No-one else was burnt but my back and neck are lobster red. Damn you, sensitive skin! This photo is a weird pose, I know, but it was the only way I could get the bracelets in properly. It looks like I'm about to break into a 90's pop dance routine or something.

dress: new look
leggings: peacocks
necklace: ji ji kiki
bracelets: found, ji ji kiki, gifts


  1. i am beyond jealous....BIG SQUEEE!
    i love that dress:)

    you look fabby!

    nothing qrong with throwing in some nineties mones into the groove...
    <3 xx

  2. Love love love that dress. I love polka dots!

    Thera Joyce

  3. cutest jewellery ever, amiright? she follows my blog x

  4. P.s I have put a couple pairs of earrings on Folksy, please take a peek ^_^


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