Outfit Post: Military Chic

Three outfit posts in a row? What is the world coming to! :3 I picked this dress up in town yesterday in the sales expecting to return it today because of fit, but it actually fits perfectly. I love the slightly stiff material of the skirt, though I'm not sure the necklace goes. Something a bit.... tougher might have worked better in retrospect. Off to town again today, on a CV writing course and then tonight I'm going to the Golden Tape Awards at the BF's college. He's nominated for an award! Hopefully I'll take lots of embarrassing photos of him to stick up here...

dress: internacionale
leggings: george at asda
necklace: topshop
bracelet: found it on the floor :D


  1. This dress is super cute! I love it. Cute blog as well!

    Thera Joyce


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