Outfit Post: Navy Birds

How cute is this dress? I picked it up from ASDA in Bristol yesterday, and it has the cutest pattern and the nicest navy-ish shade ever. The sleeves and everything will hopefully ensure I don't get burnt today, unlike the day before yesterday! The back of my neck is killing. I'm off to the jobcentre today because they are going to tell me what I already know; I've been unemployed for six months and really need a job. Yeah, thanks for that. I also got loads of stuff in preparation for Uni at ASDA, since it was all really cheap - I spent £15 and got nearly everything I need kitchen-wise, other than saucepan and colander I think.

dress: ASDA
leggings: peacocks
necklace: past times

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  1. i am soooo jealous haha that dress is mega lush!!!!

    <3 xx


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