Outfit Post: Pink, Yellow and Blue

Today is quite busy, first going with my mum to the tattoo shop (she's getting my dads name on her) and then off to Bridgwater with the BF to help take down the exhibition, and see if I can steal away any art that's going to be thrown away! Should hear back from Animal today, my fingers are crossed but I'm not getting my hopes up too much... This necklace was made for me when I was very into steampunk (I still am, but it's a very expensive hobby to fund!) and it is really lovely, though very heavy to wear everyday. I may have to remove it later. And again today, more followers! Hello to the 40-odd of you, thanks for following! I feel like the geeky girl in school who suddenly has friends :3

dress: matalan
cardi: new look
leggings: internacionale (with braiding on the bottom!)
necklace: handmade for me by my lovely BFF becky ♥


  1. very cute. I love the necklace :)
    have fun fishing for art :D

  2. Yay, cinnamoroll ^_^
    Loving the steampunk necklace.


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