Outfit Post: Razzle Dazzle Rose

This post title is named after the crayola pink. Such a cool name, don't you think? I've been listening to Lemon Demon's 'Ode to Crayola' this morning, hence the inspired title. I'm getting my hair cut today and then it's off to the BF's art exhibition, where I'll hopefully take a couple pictures to stick up here. Today's outfit it very pink, isn't it? I'm in a pink, warm kind of mood. There will be pictures of my hair later too :3

dress: matalan
cardi: tesco via ebay
leggings: peacocks
hairclip: sainsburys


  1. I love Crayola colors. (Ok, I love all colors) Especially "Robin's Egg Blue" and "Tickle Me Pink". So cute!

  2. ah, you're adorable. How are you getting your hair cut, I rather quite like it as it is.

  3. there will be a post about my hair a little later on <3


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