Outfit Post: Seabirds

Good morning! It's a lovely sunny day today and to celebrate this fact I'm not wearing leggings! Gasp! Anyway, I got this dress in the New Look sale a week or so ago, isn't it lovely? Fits in nicely with the Miu Miu print trend going at the moment, and for only £10! You've seen this necklace before but I put it on a different chain for a longer length, I dislike necklaces right up against my neck.

dress: new look
cardi: new look
necklace: ji ji kiki


  1. I adore the print on that dress! Beautiful! xo


  2. I bought a really similar dress in navy! Yours is lovely. Did it come from their inspire range?

  3. I saw the navy swallow dress and wanted it like anything! mine's normal range 'cos I'm a size or so too small for inspire unfortunately ):

  4. Awh no! It's crazy, the 18 in the normal range is loads smaller than the inspire 18. Crazy New Look. They do have beautiful dresses though!


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