Real Life Strikes Again

Had to go to the Jobcentre today. It turns out I conveniently wasn't told I now have to show up every week and that it's in a different place in the building. I absolutely hate going in there, I feel like I don't belong or something, sat next to these blokes in tracksuits and girls in microminis pushing prams (not an exaggeration) and they're always late to call me so if I get there early it's a 20 minute wait. I'll be glad when I go off to Uni, getting out of all of this. Edd took me to town and sat and revised in the sun for his final exam (Sociology, tomorrow,) and I got him a skittles milkshake to make him feel better. At least the sun was shining, I suppose. My afternoon shall be spent eating spaghetti, watching Ashes to Ashes and drawing ragdolls.


  1. Hey :)
    How sucky life sometimes can feel right? Just have in mind there's more to life then jobcentres and studying!

    I saw your raggdolls and i absolutely love 'em. Could you draw one of me and my friend? You can pick a picture from our blog that you'd like to draw :)

    Cheer up, sun is shining!
    Put your study to practice on yourself :D Haha, thats what i try to do when im bumped out! (im studying psychology also)

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

  2. A skittles milkshake? That sounds amazing!


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