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I was tagged by Alex of Alex's Wonderland to do this post... so have some random trivia :3
What is your shoe size?
I have annoyingly big feet like a human penguin ):
I vary between 8 and 8.5, sometimes even size 9.
This is UK so in US size I am a size 11.
Where do you work?
Looking for a job since December.
Fingers crossed for the Animal Interview I just went to...
Your favorite blog?
Oh, there's way too many to say!
but other than that I adore every single one of the blogs in my links >>
I couldn't possibly choose! ♥
Do you have any pets?
Two Jack Russells, Stanley and Charlie, and a Fish.
How many siblings do you have?
One little sister, Jody, aged 12 going on 15 |:
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I think somewhere in Japan. Or possibly the wizarding world.
What were you doing before this?
Reading through my bloglist :3
Your favorite food?
Pasta! I j'adore it, eat it way too much ♥
Do you have a middle name?
Emma :D
Favorite websites?
Blogger, Geekologie, College Candy,
and too many Webcomics to name.
Who do you tag?
I choose you, Vic! Use Flamethrower!

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  1. yay thanks for changing your comments, silly blogger!when blooger lets me, il totally link to you, i like the rainbow one!

    aww thanks for tagging me, your supoer cute:) i cant find a piccy of that carousel necklace, i REALLY want one, im going to find the cutest one i can, it shall be my reward for finishing silly course! yeh vet nursing really isnt all that!lots of talking to people who take no notice of your advice, cos ur not a vet, and lots of time spent cleaning kennels and clipping toenails.but mostky, answering phones.Ok, thats a bit harsh, just not the job for me. I was at vet school at Liverpool before i left, anmd i ended up converting that year with an NVQ so i could work as a nurse, cos i didnt know what else to do.and now i want to be a physio,well actually i want to be a stylist, or a fashion designer guru type person.one day il make up my mind!!!



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