Topshop = Love

I don't go into topshop very much, and if I do I make a beeline for the sales just in case I see a stunning dress and need to spend two weeks worth of money on it. Browsing the topshop website, here are some gorgeous, unique dresses that make me 'squee' and will probably make you do the same - these are what I'd buy if I happened to have a spare £206 lying round;


  1. I have had to ban myself from going on Topshop after spending WAY too much money there.
    But they're all so pretty :D
    I love the vintage outlook that they have too. Good choice.

  2. In a way, I'm thankful we don't have a Topshop in Australia, also the fact that I don't fit into many stright sizing, otherwise I think I'd be very very broke &/or in debt from buying sooo much pretty!!

  3. Wow - there is not a dress out of those five that I don't LOVE - they're all so cute and I wish they were part of my wardrobe.

    You've got good taste! :)

  4. SQUEE! They're all so pretty! Damned topshop prices >.<


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