Truffle Shuffle: Retro Cute

I have this weird aversion to having anything close to my neck, so normal tees are not something I would normally wear. Even when I wear jeans the top is normally a little low cut to allow for this and I wear dresses 90% of the time anyway! But if I were more of a tee shirt person I would love to own these. If I were better at sewing I'd get them anyway and repurpose them into cute dresses...


  1. Truffle Shuffle has way too many adorable t-shirts. Shame they're all super expensive compared to some stores.

    I love the Barbie t-shirts :D

  2. i love your blog! i'm following :) you share many of my likes too! i adore your drawings, i would love one if that would be ok? if so e-mail at

    thank you! x

  3. Naww, the Sindy one is too cute ^_^

  4. This blog is so good! i'm from Devon so not far away :) xx


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