WANT: Swallow Print

Everyone's seen the iconic Miu Miu swallow print by now, and the highstreet shops have really gotten in on the action with some gorgeous dresses and accessories (in fact I got a dress in New Look today for £10!) Here's some of the most cutesy prints, patterns and shades of the trend;

[necklace:new look, scarf:monsoon, studs:miss selfridge, dress:dorothy perkins, crop top:topshop and dress:miss selfridge]


  1. i so love bird print stuff.Ive got a dreess from new look-its on my blog-on my dress page, and its navy with white swallows on it-its lush, but for some reason i never wear it-i think its too long, and it doesnt look right.so i just look at it lots...i really need to shorten it or something!

  2. you should shorten it! or maybe tuck it under at the bottom to make it a puffball that would be so cute too! x

  3. Oh wow! That Miss Slefridge dress is DEVINE!

    Also, loving your blog! I've added you to my blogroll on my site! Hope you don't mind!

  4. that is mega brilliant :3 thankyou!


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