Cameo Cuties

Cameos are one of my favourite jewellery things. They've been popping up everywhere these past few seasons, from anything as prints on tee shirts to necklaces to fascinators, and I really can't get enough of them! Edd's mum got me a gorgeous cameo brooch for my birthday that I've been meaning to turn into a necklace for a long time, I really have to get round to that. Here are a couple of my favourite cameo picks, anyway;


  1. I think cameos are so beautiful,delicate and feminie.I'm yet to get one for myself,but i saw a perfectly pretty cameo necklace at Primark for 2€ that i'm planning to buy. =D

  2. I just ADORE cameos! They are just so feminine! I really like the ASOS horse one! Something different!


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