Ladies of Blogger: Fashion Inspiration

1. Thera Joyce of Crafty Pirate has the cutest style - what's not to love about knee-length converse and pink-and-black combos? I particularly love the black bow belt, which she made herself, very well in my opinion. Her blog is a mixture of craftiness, fashion and general cute.

2. Trisha of MarySew is the cutest German lady with a gorgeous fashion sense and a minor steampunk obsession, which I fully condone as an amazing (if time consuming) hobby to partake in. I particularly adore this swallow-print dress, I want it for myself!

3. Claire of Sitting Pretty has a wonderful, eclectic style with vintage, modern and a little bit of alteration and edginess thrown in every now and again. I only recently found her blog but I'm already hooked on her 'a week in my wardrobe' feature. I chose this maxi dress outfit as it's something I'd love to wear, but I just know I'd trip over the bottom of the dress, and I have a slight fear of waist belts since they are a problem area for me.

4. Dawnah(?) of Pearls, Lace and Ruffles makes some gorgeous outfit choices (and I am in constant envy of her legs), but I picked this as one of her more standout outfits in an overall girly wardrobe - it seems she can pull off any style with ease, which is totally unfair to the rest of us.


  1. naaaww...Thanks for featuring me Rai! You're so sweet!

  2. aww, I'm blushing very much here :) <3
    I know what you mean, P,L&R's legs are just wow)

  3. The girl from Pearls, Lace and Ruffles is called Dawnah! And yes i agree, she does have gorgeous outfits!!

    Great bloggers! :)

    -Christina <3

  4. thanks Christina, I couldn't find her name anywhere x

  5. Awh, lovely post. I love Pearls, Lace and Ruffles. Another Irish blogger. YAY!

  6. Oh I just love the pink background in all of the Pearls, Lace and Ruffles photos. She has the cutest clothes!


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