Outfit Post: 50's Cinched

Looks like I'm spanning all the decades this week! I found this cute belt in the bottom of my 'belt box' and it's never been worn in all the time I've had it, I think I got it off eBay but I'm not too sure. Excuse the face I'm pulling in this picture, I might look unimpressed but I assure you I'm not! Off round Edd's today to stay for the next 3 weeks which means lots of reading, videogames and (hopefully) baking! I want to try making cakesicles maybe or meringues... Other than that I'm not sure what I'm up to today, we might go out shopping in a bit.

dress: peacocks
cardi: eBay
cycle shorts: ASDA
necklace: topshop
belt: ???
bracelet: gift


  1. Very cute belt! As is the one in your last outfit post.

    Three weeks of reading, video games and baking sounds good to me! And I'd never even heard of cakesicles until yesterday but I really want to make them now too, they look SO yummy.



  3. Great dress!


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