Outfit Post: 80s Throwback

If I had a denim waistcoat this look would be complete (oh, and neon dangly earrings!) I'm not sure if I like this dress or not yet, it's very basic but the pattern means it doesn't really go with all that much that I own, since most of what I own is bold patterns and bright colours. I spent the day with Edd today, helping water plants and pack the car for his parents going to France and then to his sister's to do some gardening (I planted sunflowers!) - her flat looks so cute and homely now, I want to live there! so much pink too, and the garden is looking so much better now we've done some planting/weeding/mowing. So overall a nice day, though it does look like it's going to rain now. The nice weather couldn't last forever I suppose... Also, hello to my new followers, you lovely people - it makes my day to see that little number keep on going up and up ♥

dress: h&m
bodysuit: new look
shorts (under dress): asda
necklace: ji ji kiki
belt: primark


  1. such a pretty outfit! you have the best dresses rai! x

  2. OMG! I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! Everything about it is amazing!

  3. wonderful outfit. I love the belt!

  4. hehe I have that dress from h&m

    love it


  5. super cute, I love the belt!


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