Outfit Post: A Little Nautical

Behold: Real, proper photos! Outside! Not at a 'myspace' angle, since in my room that's the only angle in which I can get most of me in! Hopefully for the next three weeks my outfit posts can be like this, presuming the boyf doesn't get fed up of taking photos of me (quite likely) so you can actually properly see my outfit, instead of a grainy image of my torso. Today Edd and I are going to the new Lidls that's opening today - it was closed before because it was completely gutted by a fire and now it's all shiny and new and all the old people are ready to buy obscure brands of biscuit and donut makers and so on again. Our life is so eventful! We're just going to find some obscure cake brands and pick up some basics. After that back to Edd's to play videogames and possibly clean out the guinea pigs. So domestic. This outfit makes me realise how much of my clothing comes from New Look - I need to diversify a bit really, get some more Primark and H&M things in there (a good excuse for a shopping trip if I ever heard one!)


  1. such a pretty photo and that dress is so sweet :) x

  2. this dress is my favorite!

  3. I tried that dress on in New Look, but it looked weird on me. I'm so jealous that it works on you - it's loverly!


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