Outfit Post: Mixed Patterns

I got three cardigans in the post yesterday, so of course the first thing I had to do is attempt to wear them all at once! I only managed two but I think the effect is quite good. I like the differences in sleeve length too; three-quarter, quarter, none! I'll try and wear my other cardi for my next OP so you can see it. Check out the cute kitty in my photo; she's Edd's cat Maggie and she managed to get into every single shot I took, following me all round the garden. Yesterday his other cat, Max, tried to do the same but I had some shots without him in, they are such camera whores. I've got a bit of a stinking cold today; According to Edd I sounded like Alien (as in Alien vs Predator) when I slept because I couldn't breathe through my nose. Still feel icky today but I dragged myself off the sofa to have a shower/get dressed and it made me feel a bit better, that and the hot chocolate but I still don't feel 100%.


  1. you look so cute! hope you feel better soon dear :) x

  2. i love your outfit! feel better :)


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