Outfit Post: Out to Pasture

Another outdoor post, including my whole body! I feel like a proper fashion blogger now. Today's outfit takes into account the sudden bit of a dip in temperature, leaving me too chilly to wear this dress on it's own, hence the cardi and the tanktop underneath. I took the photos myself this time, since poor Edd had to drag himself off to work to feed posh people breakfast (he works at a wedding-y place) so the camera ended up balanced first on a big bucket and then on a bird table. You can't say I'm not imaginative! Apologies for the dumpiness of the picture, I wasn't really sure where to put my feet or anything so they all came off a bit awkward and slouchy. My hair is wet too, not just greasy.


  1. you're so cute :D "I wasn't really sure where to put my feet or anything " like an animal,free at least and back in the wilderness ;)

    very pretty outfit

  2. I balance my camara in the most weird places too.xD
    Love the outfit,wishing it was a little colder here,instead of being so incredibly hot.


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