Outfit Post: Painting Time

I am helping Edd's sister with her new flat today, which involves painting, and therefore old clothes. This is the first time I've worn jeans (my super-skinnies are basically jeggings so they don't count) in months and months, and I used to live in them! These ones are too short for me so I've rolled up the ends. I can't decide if the effect is fashionable peg-crop jeans or weird mum-jeans but I suppose it doesn't really matter.

jeans: asda
top: new look


  1. ha i dont own a pair of jeans either-i just cant get on with them somehow.weird, isnt it. I do have leggings though, which fulfil my love for skinny jeans (i refuse to use the word 'jegging'-it just annoys me somehow!).



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