Outfit Post: Running Horses

I love this dress so much! I got it off eBay so for slightly cheaper than in-store (besides which I couldn't find it in my Primark) and it is super comfy and pretty flattering too, and as you know there's nothing I like better than a quirky print. Tomorrow is sort of the official start of the summer holidays and I'm off to the jobcentre, because the Pier opening has been delayed again. Sigh. Edd's parents are off to France for a few weeks so I'll be looking after the house with Edd, but I'll be sure to take Violet (my laptop) so I can carry on posting. If you look closely in this photo you can see my new ear piercing.

dress: primark via ebay £2
waistcoat: new look £5
leggings: next
necklace: topshop
bracelet: topshop


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