Outfit Post: TGI Fridays

This is what I wore yesterday to TGI Fridays, for my friend Sophie's 19th birthday. I've been holding this dress back specifically for a special occasion and I thought last night was perfect. It also held up well when I played DDR at the arcade afterwards :3 I also had my glasses test and found out my prescription is quite a bit worse; because of this it's too strong to get glasses off of that cheap website :c I picked some new glasses from specsavers and got them free because I'm on jobseekers, so I guess that's ok. I get to pick them up on Friday. Tomorrow I'm off to Nokia to do some product testing, so exciting, and also I can go to the big Primark for a wander around, which I'm looking forward to.

dress: H&M
cardi: TK Maxx
leggings: Next


  1. i have this dress! looking very pretty :) x

  2. thankyou :3 though I'm sure it looked way better on you x

  3. aw so adorable! <3 that dress

  4. New follower, so I just thought I'd drop by and say HI!
    Plus I reeeally like your hairstyle =]

  5. GReat looking dress! Very niceee! =D



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