Review: New Look/NPW Nail Polish Remover

On my last trip into New Look I picked up this cute little tub of nail varnish remover wipes for £1.99, thinking that they'd be really useful since there's never any liquid remover around when I need it. I picked the cupcake ones with the vanilla fragrance, thought there were also jasmin and fruity fragrances available. You get 30 wipes in a pack and they are wafer-thin sheets. You can't really smell the fragrance unless it's right up against your nose.

It actually took the varnish off really well, this was three layer's worth and it took a little scrubbing but did what it said it would! The only problem was the greasiness of the pads. My hands felt disgusting afterwards and the photo doesn't show quite how greasy it was, ick. It was also quite messy because while you were using it, it got on the nails of your other hand and took some of that off. Not really great for just re-doing one nail as I was doing. It leaves little fibres behind as well, that are a little sticky and therefore hard to remove and tend to get stuck to the nails, leaving you with a little line in the polish if you are repainting.

Also, don't leave the pad resting on your jeans while writing a blog post, they leave big greasy patches and rub the removed nail varnish off onto everything. Overall, these were kind of ok, but I don't think I'll be buying them again purely because of the greasiness. The patches aren't wetness because my jeans are now completely dry and they're still there!


  1. icky & messy.... The packaging is cute though.

  2. I used to use varnish remover wipes like that from superfrugs i think, i dont remember them one being too greasy.

    hope your able to get that off your jeans.


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