University Planning

I am a planner. Planning is one of the things I do a lot and enjoy doing (particularly lists. Who doesn't love making lists?) and though that doesn't strictly mean I follow through with the plan it's nice that the plan is there in the first place. One such plan (I will stop using the word plan so much now) is to prepare for Uni. I may have gotten a little carried away with it all, meaning I have about half my stuff in preparation for the big move roughly three months before I need to go (including frivolous little things like a measuring jug and tea towels) it was all bought on an impulse buy in a big ASDA, which I slightly regret. It was all amazingly cheap but... so boring. White plates, white bowls, white kitchen stuff, blah. I want things that are pink and girly and sparkly and bit more me than ASDA's own brand things. In an ideal world I would have hundreds of pounds to buy Cath Kidston bedcovers and comic prints and pink kitchen accessories but right now I'm going to deal with boringness and go for a bit of interest in what is left to buy. So here's what I was thinking of;
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  1. i love making lists and planning too! i always put things together way early too :)
    youve picked out some cute stuff! im moving soon and im already picking out tons of new things

  2. I love making lists, but I always forget to actually reference back to them after the fact. I think the habit originated from my best friend Ashlee who compulsively makes lists for EVERYTHING! I miss having to shop for the dorms/moving in to college. Now I'm just looking forward to moving from an apartment into a house so I can do more home shopping and decorating :-)

  3. I love making lists,probably way tooo much.
    I'm one of those who go to uni close to home,so i won't be moving out to any place,which i would like to do for a while.If i was in your place i would probably start planning way too early and not getting 30% of what i would love to have.However i can imagine the pink kitchen stuff and pretty things!

  4. I had loads of white things from ASDA too! And, honestly, I was glad I did - 3 of my 4 plates are now non-existent, as are all of my hi-ball glasses (either due to smashing or mysteriously disappearing - which happened a lot!). So they may not be 'you', but at least you won't be sad when they break/vanish ;)


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