August Wishlist

Happy August everyone! Here is my August wishlist;

1. Cutie Stationary for Uni, preferably from Artbox.
2. Topshop Warm Coat. I'm not normally brand-ist but their stuff is normally quite well-made.
3. Cute Ankle Boots - these blowfish ones are darling and waterproof.
4. Brown Leather Jacket for Autumn (though for less than £50 if possible, unlike this one!)
5. 10mp+ Pink Digital Camera, any kind will do since I can't take my mum's camera to Uni...
6. Harajuku Lovers Solid Perfume. I would buy this for the tins alone, so cute!


  1. Artbox is the best! i met hello kitty at the covent garden store XD

  2. I love the Harajuku lovers, didn't know they were doing solid perfumes! i hope my shop gets them in!

  3. you have good choice in clothing!

    PS I have that stationary! You can get them at Asian gift shops. ♥

  4. I REALLY like that coat!


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