Changing Room Subterfuge: Matalan

This is the last part of my Changing Room Subterfuge instalment, please let me know what you think and whether or not I should re-do this at a later date or just leave it.

Oh dear. This first dress shall now officially be known as the 'stomach shelf' dress, made of some sort of material that makes my belly look like a sticky-outty ledge. It's chubby, but not that chubby! A second 'oh dear' is awarded to these hareem pants for simultaneously making me look dumpy and tubby. Bravo. (I did not intentionally match my nails to my socks btw)

Ahh. I loved this first dress - it was a lovely heavy material that would be great for cooler weather, and the slightly padded shoulders balanced me out, plus it has a mixed background of nautical and military. I curse my lack of funds. This second dress (tunic?) was lovely too, though made of a lot less practical (warm) material and I wasn't so sure about the little frou-frou frill, which it could have done without.


  1. i really like the sailor dress on you (: & i've enjoyed these posts so i think you should continue with this feature!

  2. I love you in the sailor dress! The last dress is my favourite, though.

    I'm running competitions on my blog all week long, so do come and enter!

  3. Love the last two on you...those trousers are horrendous (not on you, just in general).


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