Changing Room Subterfuge: Topshop/Peacocks

This is the second instalment of my changing room tour with Sophie. Here's my opinions of Topshop and Peacocks;

This first skirt is from Topshop, in a M/L, and it actually looks quite cute on me! Not £22 cute, but still. Normally I wouldn't have even considered it, but it was literally the only thing in the shop that would fit me. I was surrounded by lovely dresses and tops that only seemed to go up to a size 12 in a shop where I am a large 16, so unfair. As if to make up for this injustice, the floral dress in a 16 from Peacocks must be at least three sizes too large on the bust, I was so disappointed and you can definitely see that in my face!

In both these cases, too, the bust was far too large - am I deformed or something? Are my boobs tiny considering my size? I don't know, but Peacocks seem to think so, apparently - the check dress is a 14 and still a little large, and I really loved the black dress but it didn't fit right. These probably wouldn't have fit in a size down, either. Sigh. No, I am not trying to nom the camera in the second picture, I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing with my face to be honest.


  1. I really like the floral and the black dress on you :) Shame about the fitting :(

  2. O.O oh, that black dress... so pretty

  3. Peacocks kind of suck anyway, everything in there is always a bit meh and old fashioned! Only really any good for flats and sandals tbh, and bras sometimes... xxx


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