Darling Dots

I didn't take an outfit photo yesterday through lack of good light, laziness blah blah so I thought I'd attempt a arty-type outfit post à la Cupcake's Clothes and St Vicious, what do you think? :3 Oh, and since pretty much all I post is outfit posts I'm going to stop sticking it in the title, I'm getting sick of writing it! These past few days have been pretty eventful for me - the night before yesterday we went out in town for Edd's sister's birthday, which started out pretty fun as the first place we went to was a wetherspoons and we met some friends from college there, but then we went onto this bar/nightclub which I hated, who wants to yell to be heard and watch other far drunker people rub against each other? I think it was one of those places you have to be at least half gone to enjoy, so Edd and I got a taxi home but half 11 - we're middle-aged before we're even in our twenties, I swear. Then last night my lovely friend Rob (who is definitely going to be a famous animator one day) and a girl, Liz, who I knew from school, had a mini 'gig' in a pub in walking distance from Edd's house, so we went along and they were really good, if they had a single out I would so buy it. They did 'Foundations' by Kate Nash and I now can't get it out of my head. I also saw Cookie Button there, but we're both silly shy people so we didn't really talk - maybe next time if we ever meet again?


  1. this is so creative and adorable! haha
    That's funny that you ran into the Cookie Button. I don't blame you guys for being shy... if I ran into a fellow blogger somewhere I'd probably be really nervous too! haha

  2. I have to admit I hate going in most clubs in weston, they are just scary :( The only time I ever do go is if it's a friends birthday but even then I dread it! So I don't blame you for going home early :)

  3. love this post!

    am following you now :)

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    <3 Anika


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