If I Had £100...

...this is what I'd buy! There are so many lovely things online at the moment, I have to restrain myself from looking and drooling because I am so skint. Maybe I'll get some birthday/christmas money this year that can go towards cute clothing though. Also, I looked at my blog on my parent's computer and realised how garish the colour scheme was if you have a particularly bright monitor, so I took the opportunity to tone it down and make a more A/W suitable scheme. It's also wider which means bigger, more detailed images - and the all-white background is super convenient as I won't have to make all my images transparent! What do you guys think of it?

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  1. :o I just made a cardigan that looks almost like that! Except mine is off the shoulder with ruched sleeves. =)

    I love that dress, though! So cute!


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