Blue Weather

It's super miserable out today, so I pulled out my jeans for the first time since winter - they're more like jeggings really though. Edd got 3 B's at A-Level! I'm so proud of him, he did better than me (BBC) without all that much revision, which just goes to show how clever he is. He's off to Uni to do Social Work for sure now - he starts a month earlier than me so I'm really going to miss him. My Ragdoll sales are picking up again at the moment, which is pretty useful as every little bit helps towards University - if you want one it's only 75p for one, and £2.30 for a family - I can even make them in card format with background for printing, or avatars or banners for a little extra. So just email me if you're interested. Oh, and I've also added some custom greetings cards to my folksy shop, very cheap still - I'm hoping I'll get at least one buyer.


  1. lol when im not well skint i totally want lots of your ragdolls!

    well done for your results:)
    <3 xx

  2. I seriously heart your tunic's so pretty!
    And I'm pretty broke at the moment so..sorry :(

    Love your blog ^^


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