Outfit Post: Buttoned Up

I've never worn this cardi buttoned up, I'm not sure what I think of it. Isn't this little poodle pendant the cutest? I got it in a set of four off eBay, with two rollerskates in black and pink and a gold pineapple - £1 for four, so 25p each! We didn't end up going to Newport again yesterday, but we did go to Burnham and had a look round the shops. Edd traded in some games for three new ones, which will keep him busy for the next week or so. Fingers crossed we're going to Newport today, this trip seems to be cursed! I was thinking about applying to Lookbook to put my outfits up there, but you need someone to invite you I think? Do any of you guys have it/would be willing to invite me? Don't forget to enter my giveaway, only 2 days left!


  1. i absolutely, completely, 100% adore this outfit! you look so cute :)

  2. Awww I love the little poodle pendant, it looks so cute on you xxx

  3. hey babes, thankyou soo much for your lovely comment, and sorry i have been a bit rambling rubbish lately hahaha

    also thanks for following my new blog:) cardi looks nice done up, for some reason i never do them up either! lols if you ever want to make anything just email me and il send you easy instructions for dresses, skirts and stuff. that tutu was super easy and you can make skirts the same way:) sorry this has got epic lol. i love that necklace, have a look at myvintagecharms.com you will love it. thats where i get loads of my stuff from.

    lookbook needs an invite, i think ive got some left-i havnt been on their for AGES, not since i left topshop, so i will invite you :) you should do it, better than the lookbook wannabe (name escapes me) where you have to spend hours tagging everything! hehehe yay i feel inspired to start using lookbook again now:)

    im actually gonna shut up now lol

    <3 xx vics

  4. Hey Rai!
    I like the cardi buttoned up but most of all I like your boots (plus they will be SO in this winter woooop with some big cosy socks!)
    Also I have a LookBook account I rarely use. It's pretty hard to get noticed on there so I have nearly given up, I have also found people tend to prefer thinner girls fashion and wacky styles. I can totally invite you though, even for just comments it's useful to have! Need your email addy for that. xxx


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