Outfit Post: Cerulean

Ahh, isn't this dress gorgeous? I saw them everywhere on people and I loved the cute print and frills and buttons... then I went up to Primark and it was either sold out or they didn't stock it anymore. I looked on eBay for a while but the prices went up to about £15 for a dress! I had almost given up hope when I saw this one with one minute left and only a £1 bid on it, so I snapped it up and it arrived yesterday. It is so comfy and cute, the only thing is the length - I'm quite tall and it barely covers my bum, but as long as I remember not to bend over I should be OK. Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, I did try really hard to take an outfit photo but it was bucketing down outside and Edd's house seems to have a complete lack of natural light inside, so I had to leave it because all the pictures I took were grainy/from bad angles even with the light on. Anyway, yesterday we went to Brean, where there's this permanent funfair type setup and it was loads of fun, even though I didn't end up going on any rides I took photos of my family on them, which are up on my flickr if you're interested. I also have my first sponsored giveaway in the works, which I can use as a celebration for my 100th follower. I will just say one word; cupcake. More to be posted about that at a later date.


  1. That dress is lovely, you look really pretty today! xxxxxxx

  2. Cupcake!? That's enough to get me looking forward to your giveaway! That dress is really cute, you're lucky to get it for just £2. I really need to start looking for clothes on eBay more often.

    And it looks like you guys had a lot of fun at Brean! I've been there once before to walk along Brean Down and it seemed like a nice little town.

  3. Such a lovely little dress you got youself there!
    Yay for Brean, I <3 it and need to go there very soon :D


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