Coming Up Roses

I'm starting to really stress about Uni now! It's so little time until I go, I've ordered all my books, got all my stationary and home stuff and it feels a lot more real than it did a couple weeks ago. I think the worse part will be the three weeks in-between Edd going and me going; I'm not looking forward to the wait and not being busy with my own Uni stuff will make me miss him more. On the plus side, it means I can go help him sort out his room when he goes up and say goodbye to him in person. Today is going to be a de-stressing day I think, I've painted my nails and am preparing to watch back-to-back Ugly Betty, then tonight I'm going out into town with Edd, his sister and her friends to celebrate her birthday, which will likely mean everyone else getting drunk while I drink diet coke - I'm not that into alcohol really, but it should be fun even though I have no idea what to wear! I might just stick with what I have on now. Oh, and by the way I'm selling a couple dresses on ebay in a UK 14-16 (US 12-14 I think), so go check them out if you think you might be interested - I'm willing to send anywhere assuming you're willing to cover the shipping costs.


  1. i've seen this dress, it really suits you! this time last year i was so stressed about uni, but really it will be the best time of your life! x

  2. the dress looks fine girl! and you will have fun even without the alcohol!

  3. A lovely print on that dress.

    I hear ya with the alcohol thing-I started going out to pubs when I was 15 (maybe 14 eek) and never drank, so by the time I started Uni I was well rehearsed in the 'I don't drink, just a diet coke for me'! Even now that I'm 30-my friends find it strange that I don't drink. To be honest I just don't like the taste of it and while I did drink for a couple of years at Uni, I don't see the point of being completely wasted with no idea of what happened the night before now! It can be hilarious being sober and watching others completely wasted though!

    Honestly Uni days are the best of your life-enjoy them, because you never get another time like that. The people I met then are like family to me and it was just the best time of my life! You'll be fine sweety!

  4. I LOVE your neon shoes with that sweet floral dress! You are so cute!


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